Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund 

Empowering the Girl Child in Sierra Leone


Put a teen mum back to school & help care for the baby too for $250/year.

The purpose of “The Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund” is to raise funds to help educate a lot of girls in her native land Sierra Leone, West Africa thus empowering them for their future and making them into powerful drivers of progress.


On this website I will share my vision for girls in Sierra Leone especially those who drop out of school due to teenage pregnancy, pictures, updates on events and future projects. Also a possibility for you to be part of the “Peagie Woobay Dream” through your generous donations.

 The foundation also aims at promoting Sierra Leonean culture in Sweden through exhibitions where art works, traditional dances will be displayed. It will also pass on to young Sierra Leoneans born in Sweden the opportunity to learn about their cultural heritage through cultural classes where they will be taught History and Geography, traditional dances and songs, ancestors, tribes, tales and local food.

We have compiled a collection of poems which provokes thought, inspires and represent Africa. The book , "Women, Men and Country: An Anthropology of African poems", is available for purchase on Amazon. Here is the link you would need. Proceeds from all sales of this publication will go towards the Peagie Woobay Scholarship fund. The charity was set up to highlight the importance of educating girls and the risks of teenage pregnancy.

My projects will focus on developing communities in Sierra Leone especially children, girls and teenage mothers.

Together we can achieve the dream.