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Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund 

Empowering the Girl Child in Sierra Leone

Highlights of my work

  • PWSF gets a mention in one of Sweden's leading newspapers. Peagie, the founder and CEO of PWSF is now of of three finalists tobe chosen to win the Swedish heroine aware for fighting/working for girls. - The article titled (translated) " Pregnant like 15 years old - and the father's missing. Peagie Foday, 46, helps poor teenage mothers to continue in school"  - http://www.aftonbladet.se/a/d34zo

  • Review of our charity Walk in Stockholm, Sweden held on the 4th of June 2016 to help raise awareness on the importance of education and also raise funds for the girls by Kadie Williams 

    So a few years back when this organization started i was very proud but could not support so much since i had just had a baby, but gradually am happy to say that i am participating and will continue to do so. For me it is that simple, I´m a Sierra Leonean who loves her country and to see such a productive and effective charity organisation as the Peagie woobay Scholarship Fund is very inspiring. My mother was also a teenage mum and a smart one as a matter of fact who was not given the opportunity to finish her education, who knows what she could have become? My love for my mum is why am so motivated to see this brave woman, Peagie, help educate more girls. Her dedication never seizes to amaze me. Come Rain or snow she and her team are alway putting these girls first. So when i was invited this year to lead the walk to educate more girls, i cancelled my work and joined her because i believe in her mission. Walking with so many people that day was so amazing, the food was great, the atsmosphere was peaceful and I was blessed to be part of it. All i can say is that I’m proud of her for giving these girls a second chance. Join me support The Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund so we can educate more girls in Sierra Leone especially the teenage mums who have dropped out of school. 

  • David, whose story with his then teenage mum Peagie is the story behind this foundation, took on a challenge to participate in the toughmudder race to raise funds for the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund. David raised 2,030 pounds sterling which will be used to build the resource centers for the girls of the Peagie Woobay Schoolarship Fund that will have libraries, health care room, day care, computer room and a playground. The photos in this album are of David's magnificent efforts in the challenge which took place on 24th September 2016 at Holmbush Farm, England. Link to photos

  • Swedes showing some appreciation: A Swedish journalists captures our work for the girls during the closure of schools during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone: Article in Swedish paper

  • NEWSFLASH!! Our 2014 4th Quarter PWSF newsletter is now availableQ4 2014 Newsletter

  • Shout-out: Ebola has taken many lives in West Africa, It is causing serious threats to the fabric and core of people's lives in Sierra Leone: Let's kick Ebola Out 

  • NEWSFLASH!! Our 2014 3rd Quarter PWSF newsletter is now availableLink to Q3 2014 Newsletter

  • The “Brain of Peagie Woobay Essays” competition: Meet the girl who won the 2014 essay contest: A portrait of Mariama Katie Bangura

  • NEWSFLASH!! Our 2014 2nd Quarter PWSF newsletter is now available: Link to Q2 2014 Newsletter

  • An exclusive interview with Peagie Foday, founder of the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund: Link to interview


  • NEWSFLASH!! Our 2014 - 1st Quarter PWSF newsletter is now available: As we begin 2014, my hopes are that this New Year brings you all good health, happiness and prosperity! I wish you all a Happy New Year! The newsletter contains 2014 Projects Update, highlight event of the year 2014! and other announcements. Link to Q1 2014 Newsletter


  • Sierra Leone and her girls at heart, By Peagie Foday: With the education system on the down side, I have founded “The PeagieWoobay Scholarship Fund” with the aim to help educate the girl child through tuition-free secondary school so her parents do not advance reason of “no school fees” to marry her off, or so she is inspired to stay in school and reap the benefit of education. It also aims to tackle the problems of teenage pregnancy in the country with a focus on giving back a second chance to teenage mothers who have dropped out of school due to early and unwanted pregnancy. Sierra Leone and her girls at heart  (17th October 2013)


  • Day care centre for Kabala teenage mothers: The centre, which is set up and funded by a Swedish-based Sierra Leonean, Peagie Foday, will initially take in ten babies aged between nine months and three years born to mothers aged between 14 and 17 years. Day care centre for Kabala teenage mothers


  • Boost for girl education in Makeni: Peagie Foday has awarded scholarship to two junior secondary school pupils of the St. Josephs Secondary School in Makeni under her The Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund. The bursary will pay their fees and cash for the purchase of books and uniform throughout their secondary school education. The two beneficiaries are Jane Williams and Victoria Kamara. Boost for girl education in Makeni (5th September 2013)


  • The Peagie Woobay scholarship fund making front page news in Sweden: Raising funds to help girls in Sierra Leone so that teenage mothers in Sierra Leone could return to school Peagie's scholarship fund making news in News (16th June 2013)


  • Opening remarks by Peagie at the launch of the foundation in Sweden: Speech (15th June 2013)




  •  “Teenage Pregnancy Balloons in Sierra Leone” blared a newspaper headline in earlier 2013, reporting concerns raised at a summit organized by the “African Youth Conference Against Hunger” in Freetown. Peagie and husband, Emmanuel, launched the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Award Fund for the Sierra Leonean girl child. Read the interview with Peagie:  Teenage Pregnancy ballons in Sierra Leone


  • Free secondary schooling for girls: Five girls of the R.C. Model Primary School in Bo, who sat to the National Primary School Examinations, have benefited from a tuition-free secondary school education and an annual cash envelope of Le 250,000 for their uniforms.  Mr David Woobay who is her father and the outgoing Chairman of the Moyamba District Council, said the event marked “a red letter day in the history of the Woobay family”. Mrs Woobay was made the presentation of the awards to the successful candidates:  Free secondary schooling for girls 


Poem: Educating the Girl Child:
You educate a Child,
You educate a Nation.
You educate a Girl,
You educate the World.

For the girl Child,
Becomes a woman,
Then a mother.
A mentor and Educator.

One with patience and love,
Capable of doing multitasks.

A woman she becomes,
And thus a powerful driver of Progress.

By Peagie Foday née Woobay
Stockholm, Sweden
April 2013