Nurse Talking to Patient
  • After School work (voluntareers help girls with academic work across their curriculum and subjects related)

Reinforcing our Commitment

The girls especially the teen mums need a lot of help reading, writing and mathematics. With the well equipped libraries at the centres we are appealing for volunteers to help them. With electricity available now powered by solar at our Moyamba Resource centre to help in the evenings.

The Streets

            Health Clinics at Resource Centres (volunteers as nurse to check on kids, or donate medicine)

On Going Support

Prevention and reduction of teenage pregnancy is our main goal. Access to free prevention for the girls and discussions on sex reproduction from stakeholders is important. Volunteers in the health field are needed. Child health education is very important as the teen mums mostly do not know how to take care of their children.

Community Service

       Food/Medicine Donations at Centres (Drop off at 9 Willoughby Lane Freetown or directly at the centres)

One Step at a Time

At Peagie Woobay Scholarship Award Fund, Basic hygiene is a big challenge. Medicines for children is badly needed for kids at our daycares. Kindly donate cough syrups, pain killers and sanitizers. We give free food to the kids at our day care centre so food donations are welcome to keep our programme going and the kids happy and healthy


Explore Sierra Leone for a good Cause

Start to Finish

 A new project we want to embark on starting February 2019 to take tourists to Sierra Leone for a good cause because to know Sierra Leone is to Explore Sierra Leone. End February-March, beaches are less crowded, climate favourable and tickets affordable. Contact us if interested